Fixtec Product Warranty

 FIXTEC quality tools are manufactured using the highest grade materials and vigorously tested at every stage of production. Our production quality control team ensure the finished product is durable and easy to use. A three-month warranty against material and manufacturing defect is offered to every Fixtec tool from the date of purchase. Should any problems arise within this three-month period, return the complete tool to the original point of sale along with a copy of the purchase receipt. A full inspection will be conducted by our technical department and any fault that was caused by material or product defects, will be repaired or replaced free of charge.


1.  Normal wear and tear
2. The tool shows signs of damage, misuse or poor maintenance even as a result of accidents
3.  Modifications have been made to the original tool or tampering is evident.
4.  Incorrect use and application of non-industrial tools this includes usage by unskilled personnel
5.  The supply voltage specified on the tool has been exceeded.
6. Where applicable Incorrect oil, fuel or other lubricants applied in the case of tools powered by two stroke engines.
7.  Extensive damage to the tool due to improper use that renders it nonoperational.
8. Operation of tools that do not comply with the instruction manual.
9.  Blades and chains are not correctly applied, adjusted or fit.
10.  The tool has been previously stripped, tampered with and no longer functional
11.  Servicing of tool by anyone other than the official distributor.

N.B The supplier reserves the right to use their discretion on all decisions regarding warranty. This decision must be considered final.